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Everyday Bitcoin: Replacing Bank Transfers & Credit Cards

I don’t have a bank account anymore, and I’m not missing it.

I Switched Everything To Bitcoin.

What Happened Next May Not Surprise You.

What’s In My Briefs — a.k.a How to Ensure Freelancer Accountability.

What no one is telling you about the “gig economy”.

Hiring Freelancers? Here’s a 3 Step Checklist for a Successful Project

Avoid failed freelance projects by using this checklist.

Who's That Female Presenting Adult Human?

This human creature before you is driven by a desire to challenge paradigms and move towards more inclusive, efficient, and effective systems of being and doing. A lifelong nomad, juiced up with an eclectic blend of values and skills. 

Curiosity, intuition and systemic vision have carried me around the world and offered rich opportunities to observe, absorb and integrate different modalities, cross pollinating through different fields; from IT project management, film production and marketing to supporting artists and social non profits.

INFJ. Caring, decisive, complex, creative, having strong opinions, fighting for what’s right, and a desire to find meaning.

11 countries. Lived and/or worked in, while not owning more than what can fit in my backpack.

7 languages. In which I've learned how to ask “Would you like to work in a circus?”


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Diversity PRO

Beyond Psychedelics



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